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Fantasticular Hilaritation Cover Art 8.1
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Jon Huck is a comedian, actor, writer and producer whose humor runs the gamut from a lot of this to some of that. He performs all over the country and has appeared on Comedy Central’s Live at Gotham and This Is Not Happening, Comedy From SXSW on Showtime and Gotham Comedy Live on The AXS Network. His albums Fantasticular Hilaritation and Compromised Maturity are available for download and his podcast, Speaking Highly, can be found on all audio platforms as well as YouTube. Currently, you can see Jon as Sam, a grim reaper without a clue, on the series My Death Co. He has appeared in several independent movies, a number of national commercials and portrayed a handful of characters during the original run of MTV’s popular hidden camera show Punk’d. Most recently, you may have spotted Jon on CBS’s Angel From Hell, B Positive, NBC’s Superstore & 911 on Fox.

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